1155 Angel Number Meanings: What Does 1155 mean for you?

If you see the 1155 angel number frequently, it means your angels want to convey you an important message about making positive choices in your life.  The angel number 1155 indicates that all the changes coming to your life are related to your thoughts. Take control of your thoughts, and the rule of your life will be in your hands.   

I know you might be thinking that why do you keep seeing the number 1155 repeatedly ? Don’t worry we will educate you with complete details of this number appearance. Let’s find out.

What Does Angel Number 1155 Actually Mean? A Complete Guide

1155 angel number meaning

Seeing angel number 1155 frequently carries a secret message of positivity for you from your guardian angels. This positivity will come through several irreversible changes. As changes are never smooth, you may face turbulence in your life. 

In this situation, repeatedly seeing number 1155 indicates to keep your belief firm in the divine and bring optimism in your behavior through positive thinking. An individual’s thoughts govern his decisions and actions, which in turn govern his destination.

One reckless thought, one wrong move, and everything will be gone. So, protect your thoughts with the sheath of positivity and follow your dreams. 

1155 Numerology Angel Number

1155 numerology angel number

Pythagoras, a famous mathematician, believed that the universe is mathematically precise, and each number conveys a message related to its vibration. The position of each number in a particular sequence gives it a unique significance. Therefore to understand the meaning of the 1155 angel number, we split the number 1155.

According to the book “Number sequences (Angel numbers) and their secret messages” by Joanne Walmsley

  • The number 1, repeated twice in angel number 1155, with double strength, signifies uniqueness, independence, freedom, courage, and leadership. It also indicates new beginnings in your life. 
  • The number 5 is repeated twice, coming with more power and transmitting the energy of change, optimism, freedom, adventure, knowledge, and intellect. 

Doreen Virtue, in her book Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences, narrates the numeric significance of other numbers contained in 1155 are 11, 15, 55,115, and 155, given as follow:- 

  • 11 is a master number that signifies spiritual awakening and mysticism. Moreover, It grabs your attention towards creativity and forbids any stagnant or addictive attitude. 
  • The number 15 like angel number 1515 is a clear message to elevate your thoughts and intentions above the negativities of your life through prayers and meditation. The number is also significant because it carries the central energy of 1155, positioned in the middle of the number 1(15)5. Thus, it can turn things in your favor if you follow its hidden meaning. 
  • The number 55 allows you to let go of what no longer serves you. It motivates you to accept the vitality of new opportunities and changes. It carries the energy of better replacements and healing. 
1155 meaning
  • The number 115 holds guidance of determination and optimism in your life as your guardian angels are aware of the extraordinary changes heading your way. So, the masters want you to stay focused and raise your spirit in the wake of all such changes.
  • The last but very effective number in sequence 1155 is the number 155. It indicates the awakening of self-actualization. You will find answers to who are you and what is the purpose of your life?

Secret Meaning of Angel Number 1155

Secret Meaning of Angel Number 1155

It is also important to evaluate the effective energy of all these numbers that constitute the sequence 1155 angel number.

Adding (1)+(1)+(5)+(5)=12, which if again added gives (1)+(2)=3. Hence, the numbers 12 and 3 have the energy synchronicity with the number 1155.

  • The number 12 is about the law of attraction and guides you to think positively about your future. As Willie Nelson once said,

Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones,

you will start having positive results,

– Willie Nelson
secrets of 1155
  • The number 3 relates to the overall underlying significance of angel number 1155 and tells that your ascended angels are around you. You have divine support, and angels are sent from the spiritual realm to help you achieve your life goals. The number 3 also signifies the trinity of soul, mind, and body, which is vital for physical health and mental peace.

1155 Angel Number Meanings For Relationship, Love, Twin Flame, Soulmate & Marriage

1. Love

If you are continuously dreaming of the number 1155 and thinking about your love life, it indicates new and positive beginnings in your life. Those who have not yet met their love have a chance to find it. At the same time, those who have found their love partner may discover new heights in their relationship.

1155 angel number love

Moreover, angel number 1155 in love is a great indication to not look behind in the past if you have recently gone through a breakup. 1155 meaning in love for you is that new people are coming into your life who will help you to heal and add more value to your life.

2. Soulmate 

1155 angel number soulmate

Seeing Angel Number 1155 indicates new favorable upcoming mutations in your life. In this phase, you will meet many new people; you may discover your soulmate. So it would help if you did not miss the chance while being in solitude or meditation all the time.

Although spending time with yourself is essential, discovering new avenues and new people in life needs you to come out of your comfort zone. 

3. Twin Flame

1155 angel number twin flame

Seeing angel number 1155 is also significant for your twin flame. It indicates that angels have listened to your heart’s desires to meet your mirror self. This magic angel number 11:55, is sent in your life to give you a message that you have entered such a phase where your restlessness will end soon. This is because universe itself is making efforts to meet you with your 1155 twin flame. 

4. Twin Flame Reunion

Twin flame reunion does not happen until both twins may not manifest their highest form in this world. The energy of the number 15 wants you to purify your thoughts, and the number 55 wants you to stop procrastination and take substantive steps that can turn your desires into reality. 

1155 angel number twin flame reunion

You need to give away your bad habits and adopt a progressive approach in your life. It will help you to follow a path where you will meet your other part, and you will be able to manifest a twin flame reunion. 

5. Twin Flame Separation

Suppose we don’t water a plant with the same energy and passion we gave water on the day we planted it. What will happen to it? It will die, or it will wilt. The same happens with our relationships, which demand constant care and attention.

1155 twin flame separation

If you go through twin flame separation and want it back, your angels have sent you guidance by showing you angel number 1155. They want you to do what you did at the beginning of your relationship, and there won’t be an end.

6. Marriage

1155 angel number Marriage

1155 is a trusted angel number to get married to unmarried folks. The combination of number 5 and number 1 can signal getting married because of its energy which omens tremendous positive changes. The repetitive order of 5 authenticates this message from your guided angels.

So, if you like someone and feel attachment from the other side, too, then angel number 1155 is a sign of encouragement to let them know your feelings. You will get a yes in the answer. Don’t miss this opportunity. 

7. Pregnancy

1155 angel number pregnancy

The number 5 in 1155 is all about change, change, and change and the number 1 indicates a new beginning! You need to understand this. Suppose you have undergone several mishaps in your pregnancy or couldn’t conceive. But you want it now, then your angels have heard the call of your heart.

They have sent you a positive sign by showing you the angel number 1155. This number is an excellent sign of luck for you; whatever you are yearning for, you will soon manifest it. 

1155 Angel Number Meaning For Money, Career & Business


Angel number 1155 Money

If the number 1155 is your angel number, then here are three significant numbers for you to consider. The number 1, the number 5, and the number 3. According to India.com, money number 1 is related to wealth and financial abundance.

Money number 5 suggests that these individuals are adept at doing business due to their knowledge and wisdom. Money number 3 brings enormous success, but it also indicates the presence of turbulence in money-related affairs. 


1155 angel number meaning career

Angel number 1155 means you have abundance and wealth if you decide to do business. You only need little focus and management of your affairs to avoid any monetary misadventure. Moreover, extravagant spending is not an option for you. 

Due to the underlying energy of number 3 in number 1155 (1+1+5+5=3), you are a highly self-disciplined and professional individual. Hence, other than doing your own business, the best suitable career choice for you is to be;

  • An advisor
  • A teacher
  • A guide

1155 Anel Number Symbolism, Spirituality & Theology


1155 symbolism

If we define the angel number 1155, it is all about your control over your thought process. In the wake of coming changes, no matter how positive these changes are, your life may go through various uncertainties. So if you won’t take over control of your thoughts, your life will be like a rudderless ship staggering in the sea storm.

Listen to God; instead of negativity, you should focus on yourself. It will bear more fruition. As this universe works on the principle of the Law of Attraction, the more you think positively, the more positive things will happen.

Spiritual Meaning of 1155 Angel Number

The repetitive manifestation of angel number 1155 means that your thoughts are like seedlings; whatever you will sow, so shall you reap. You should strengthen your character through prayers and meditation.

1155 spiritual meaning

It is the number of spiritual progress, with the passage of every day you are stepping ahead in your spiritual journey. Your acquaintances in this journey are optimism, determination and self-love. You have a message from Divine.

“Open your mind to possibilities, we live in an infinite world

where anything is possible”

-Jaun Elia

1155 in Theology

1155 in Theology

11 55 Meaning in Bible

Angel numbers don’t have any significance in the Bible, nor did the number 1155 itself appear in the Bible. However, the constituent digits of the sequence 1155 have occurred multiple times in the Holy book.

According to Bible study and Biblical Numeric, the number 1, indivisible, is used for God, and the number 5 is used for God’s grace in the Bible. The number 5 also shows God’s favor upon men. It is a symbol of luck. 

Hindi Meaning 

In Hindi Numerology, the number 11 stands for spiritual awakening, and 55 stands for change. The combination of 11 and 55 in the number 1155 shows a beautiful transformation like a butterfly. Your angels are sending you all the positivity. You must maintain balance by aligning your spirit, soul, and body. `

Angel Number 1155 Meaning in Astrology

Angel Number 1155 Meaning Astrology

Similarly, in Astrology, the number 1155 shows an inclination toward your trusted Psychic number. According to J.C. Chaudhry, Psychic numbers are those numbers that show your attraction and preference towards different people or things. 

In Numerology, the 3 has synchronicity with the 1155 number. Thus we can relate that the 1155 number trusted psychic number is 3. In Numerology, Jupiter is the ruling planet of the number 3, and its Sun sign is Sagittarius. 

Their compatible and friendly numbers are 1,2,3,5,6,8 and 9. The numbers 4 and 7 are unsuitable for them to get along with, so you should avoid partnering with them if you see sequence angel number 1155. Moreover,  Yellow Sapphire is your lucky gemstone, and your Angel card number, i.e your Tarot Deck, is The Empress. 

Angel Number 1155 in View of Different Astrologers:-

According to Doreen Virtue

Angel Number 1155 is a strong indication of changes and new beginnings in your life. These changes are positive. Before every positivity, we are facing certain negativities. One who sees this number must elevate his thoughts above negativity and focus on building positive energy around himself.

According to Joanne Sacred Scribes

You have been waiting for the right time to take the right decision. Seeing the angel number 1155 is a message that the time has come. Angels are giving the command of your life in your hands. You can steer your life in whichever direction you want. 

According to Willow Soul

Willow soul does not explicitly say about angel number 1155. However, it tells that the number 5 is a sign of God’s grace on humanity to prepare them in the wake of significant changes coming their way.   

According to Quornesha

Your hard work will soon pay you off with abundance and luck. The angels have been trying to send you this good news to keep focusing on yourself and never lose balance. To get the maximum out of it, you need to stay balanced. 

According to Mojan

The sequence combination of the number 1 and 5 tell the significance of an individual’s control over his thoughts to control and steer life in the right direction. 

Conclusion – What to do after seeing angel number 1155?

In the end, Manifesting angel number 1155 is an excellent opportunity for you to align your energies with your mind and body. Otherwise, it is an ultimate warning from the Holy Spirit because if you don’t listen to the guidance, you will deny receiving the positivity. 

If you are wondering what I should do when I see angel number 1155 or why I am seeing angel number 1155, then the massage is to stay focused. Keep an optimistic attitude towards your life. It is necessary for your spiritual and professional growth. 

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