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Hi! I am Melissa

Our Mission

My name is Melissa, your Astrologist. Numbers fascinate me. I enjoy reading and researching. I am a person who enjoys learning about everything. I enjoy reading, learning, researching, and writing. As a dreamer, I enjoy thinking about the future. It’s no secret that I am a perfectionist and that I can be stubborn at times.

Why I Started This Blog?

Upon the request of my friends, I compiled all this data in order to facilitate access to my research. As a result, this blog was created. Since 2008, I have been studying numerology. Numbers are among the most powerful signs we have in Nature. You deserve to know this knowledge, and I want to help you understand yourself better.

About us

Our Team


Teresa is a numerologist, teacher, author, speaker, and life coach. She works with her clients to understand what’s going on in their personal and professional lives using a variety of tools including numerology and astrology. Her passion is helping others create positive change in their lives by understanding and interpreting the messages that are sent to them by the universe.

Mark angel number expert

Mark, as a numerologist, has been helping people understand their past, present, and future for over 10 years. Now he wants to help you understand your life. He is expert in teaching the meaning of numbers and use them as tools to help you achieve your goals and make positive changes in your life.

What I Want From You?

My goal is to make you happy. Learning more about the world around you is important. Getting in touch with angels can only happen when you can easily decipher the signs they are trying to send you. Getting in touch with angels can only happen when you can comprehend the situation. Hopefully, I can do this.
Every attempt will be made to keep this blog updated as often as possible. You can contact us on social media platforms mentioned below or through Contact Us page.