Angel Number 1144 – 11:44 Complete Guide

We communicate with our guardian angels through angel numbers. There are specific patterns and meanings associated with these codes. Angel number 1144 is one of them. If this number frequently appears in front of you and has caught your attention, you must become aware that you have an important message from the spiritual realm.

Your guardian angels observe you and want to give you an important message. What does this number mean in our Love and practical life? What does it indicate in different life situations, and how to respond to that situation? This article is a complete guide for those manifesting number 1144. Let us discover what it says about you.

Revealing Everything About 1144 Angel Number

Symbolism & Numerology

Symbolism & Numerology of 1144 Angel Number

To understand 1144 Angel number, let us first examine its Numerology and symbolism. It would make it easier for you to understand its significance and relatable meaning according to your situation. The number 1144 makes up two numbers, 1 and 4.

One is the number of you, yourself, and your individuality. It talks about your leadership, assertiveness, ambition, and core competencies. One is a sign of uniqueness and fulfillment. It indicates the completion of one phase of life and entering the beginning of a new phase. This number represents self-confidence and self-reliance. And as this number repeats itself twice, it makes stealthier and stronger.

If we add up every digit of number 1144, we get 10, which further adds up to the number 1, which means that the energies of number 1 influence this number. It is now coming to the following number, which is 4.

Number 4 is an omen for foundational structure. It shows deep values and great perseverance and symbolizes strong determination and will to fulfill your heart’s core desires. Its energy lies in not giving up. So it represents putting your entire efforts into achieving your heart’s desires. It is like making firm foundations by working hard to see your dreams come true.

Number 4 is the sign of determination and focused goals. And as it also comes twice, its energy is also intense here.

1144 angel number represents working hard

In Numerology, the number 11 is known as a master number. It reflects intense Karma energies. It is like two pillars standing upright, taking divine blessings and energy down to your roots. It is a sign that you are connecting with your higher self. Under divine guidance, you are exploring the divine purpose of your life. It is more a sign of spirituality, mysticism, sharpened communication with divine forces, and meeting your higher self. This number is a spiritual messenger that signifies the spiritual journey’s awakening.

The other numbers that make Angel number 1144 are 114 and 144. 144 indicates the pursuit of your dreams and faith in divine support. It indicates knowledge and wisdom with which you can connect deeply with the universe’s secrets and unfold them. It is the number of patience, audacity, courage, and bravery.

Then comes the number 144. It is the number of optimism and focus. It teaches you that don’t give your negative thoughts space. Eliminate them before they take their roots in your thoughts. Stay motivated and live with positive energy. This number guides you to be creative and devoted to your life. Your creativity will bring more positivity and peace to your life. It will help you to develop harmony with your loved ones and achieve your life goals.

Meaning and Significance

Meaning and Significance of Angel Number 1144

So, if you manifest Angel number 1144, you have support from your master angels. They motivate you to focus on your life goals and work hard to achieve them. It would help if you had faith in your core capabilities because nature has left things in your hands this time.

You can steer your future yourself in whatever direction you want. Your motivation is coming from the Supreme realm. Build yourself, strengthen your character and stand up for who you are for your dreams. Because this time, you can crystalize your efforts. No doubt there are hurdles, but in the face of every hurdle, more power and strength will materialize your heart’s desire.

1144 and tarot

In tarot, 1 represents masculine energy, whereas 4 represents the fire element. Both signify that you have the capabilities and power to achieve your dreams. The fire element makes you crave success and work hard to fulfill your heart’s desires.

1144 and tarot

The fire brings passion, dedication, and faithfulness to you. Both these numbers signify that while striving for your earthly goals, your guidance comes from the heavens. The supreme power is with you. In the process, you will reform yourself and become the best version of yourself. Furthermore, this number indicates that this is the time to manifest your hardcore energies to bring your dreams in line with reality. A renowned tarot card reader translates the meaning of the angel number 1144 in tarot as follows;

“The universe is sending you the Divine inspiration to manifest your dreams now.”

Biblical – Spiritual meaning of Angel Number 1144

In Bible, 1144 itself does not appear, but if we sum it up, it adds up to make the figure of 10, which, if further added, makes the figure of 1. It shows that one is very important for Angel number 1144, which appears in Bible to symbolize God.

Spiritual meaning

It is a sign of uniqueness, independence, enlightenment, and oneness. All these attributes give an individual clarity of thought which sharpens one’s focus and allows one to face challenges with bravery. It also signifies deep and sound communication with God, which hones your wisdom and capabilities.

So, if you manifest this number, then according to 1144 Biblical meaning, you have divine guidance and support beside you. God has given the keys of your luck in your hand. Now it is up to you how you unlock your destiny.

Doreen Virtue, a renowned author, wrote in her book angel numbers,

“Seeing angel number 1144 means that you have the power to create your reality through the power of positive thinking. It is the law of attraction; the universe works on the energies of your thoughts. So, what you don’t want, don’t think about it. What you want, stay hopeful and motivated, and put your efforts into achieving it. Your thoughts play a crucial role in manifesting success in your life.”

1144 and Twin flame

1144 angel number twin flame

Hindu mythology gives the concept of a twin flame, which means two parts of the same spirit or same soul. It also relates that one cannot meet its twin flame when both do not grow into their higher selves.

The journey of the twin flames completes in phases and is challenging. So, you have yet to unite with your twin flame or have united with a twin flame or are manifesting a reunion after a long twin flame separation.

Seeing Angel 1144 signifies that you must work hard to improve yourself and meet your heart’s desires. The fire kindling in your heart makes you courageous to take bold steps to fulfill your dreams.

So, from the perspective of a twin flame, the number 1144 signals that when you reach your highest self, only then you will manifest a good relationship with your twin flame. Otherwise, your relationship will continue inflicting due to time, luck, or destiny. So gear up and start working on yourself for your life now. The angels through angel number 1144 want to give you a message that,

“If you want to live a happy and successful life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

1144 Angel Number and Love

1144 angel number in love

Love is the purest feeling in this world. We often misunderstand it because we often think that it is habitual and controlling. But neither is it habitual, nor does it creates boundaries. It is a feeling of freedom that you feel with your partner.

Although possession and jealousy are also part of Love, all these feelings are overpowered by one attribute: sacrifice. So if you see angel number 1144 and your thoughts are overwhelmed with the thought of Love. Then your guardian angels tell you that a new chapter of Love will soon open in your life. But before jumping into any such relationship, you must focus on yourself to bring out the best.

You must be more mature, kind, and desiring before calling someone to your personal space. So, in this way, you will be able to understand your partner and will be willing to make sacrifices to make your Love grow and endure eternity. Otherwise, it would end up in havoc.


Angel number 1144 is a sign of new beginnings and new opportunities. If you are in a relationship and want to take your relationship one step further, then seeing angel number 1144 may show that you are going to make your lover your life partner.

Angel number 1144 meaning for marriage

If you are a married couple manifesting number 1144, it may signal pregnancy from your angel numbers. It would help if you were putting up the role of mother or father very soon. In 1144, 1 represents masculine energy; it may be a baby boy. So, life is going to open up a chapter of a new relationship for you. So be ready!

Even if you are single, this number may signify marriage for you. Because number 1 is a sign of completion or end of one phase of life and opening of new chapters and opportunities.

Moreover, suppose you are struggling in marriage and manifesting this number. In that case, you should consider the message from your angels that you need to put effort into bringing your relationship back to order. Otherwise, it may further increase the relationship’s toxicity, resulting in a breakup.

Angel Number 1144 Career and Money

Angel Number 1144  meanings for career and Money

Angel number 1144 is a sign that you will manifest ample avenues of opportunities opening up for you. Yes, it is time to leave your old position and search for new opportunities waiting for you to level up your career.

If you want to set up a business, this is the time you should start focusing on it. It will bring remarkable success to your career or business because now, you have support from the spiritual realm, and nature is working to make things work for you.

1144 meanings to stay focused

You need to stay focused and work hard with entire motivation and enthusiasm. Angel number 1144 is also a warning that does not to put so much trust in others about your business affairs or money-related problems.

Due to the significance of number 1 in 1144, you should be more self-conscious and self-reliant, vigilant and competitive. It would help the selfish lot stay at a distance from you and your affairs.

Angel Number 1144 and Astrology

1144 and Astrology

As Angel number 1144 is influenced by number 1; thus, the ruling planet for number 1 is Sun. Sun symbolizes fire and oneness, as we discovered in the tarot section. Here 1144 symbolizes the Sun. If you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, your ruling planet is Sun.

The friendly planets of the Sun are Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. So if you are an Aries or were born on the dates mentioned above, this Angel number is a lucky number. It is bringing remarkable changes and opportunities to your life.

1144 meanings for galaxy

However, if you are a non-Aries person and had not been born on any of the dates mentioned above and still observing the number 1144, then it means that someone with the Sun sign will influence your life in the future. So the gemstone that you should wear these days is a diamond. Know what? Diamond will magnify the positive energy of angel number 1144 you receive from your guardian angels.


In the end, angel number 1144 is powerful, and if you manifest it, many good surprises will be waiting for you in the future. You own huge potential with your brilliance, self-reliance, and hard work. Your Angels are sending you a message to bring all these attributes into activity and explore the more significant opportunities and new beginnings waiting for you. But putting effort with dedication is the key to all the challenges. If you won’t manifest your energies and take endeavors to discover new realms, you will miss unlocking all the opportunities coming your way. You should remember one thing; 

“No Pains, No Gains”


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