Angel Number 123 – Meanings, Symbolism & Reasons You See It

Angel number 123 is an extremely useful number in numerology. We see random numbers all around us every day, But if you start seeing numbers in a specific pattern, you need to take notice. Its a SIGN!

Angel Number 123 is a number that represents an angel who will help you find solutions to all of your problems. This Angel Number will help you solve any problem that comes your way. This article explains the meaning of this angelic number and how to use it and decipher its meaning in life.

Angel Number 123 – The Power of Prayer

You must be wondering why you keep seeing the number 123?
What is the significance behind it?
You must be seeing the number on your clock that shows 1:23 time. Or on the clock by your kitchen table? It may be your car number plate or your neighbor’s house number. 

Angel number 123 has a special significance, especially when it frequently appears in your life. Number 123 is one of those sequences that seem to appear everywhere in front of you! But what exactly does it indicate?

angel number 123

Angel number 123 in numerology has a hidden meaning. This meaning is related to the three high vibrational numbers 1, 2, and 3. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 signify self-awareness, togetherness, and spiritual growth.

Your guardian angels are teaching you to let go of any fear or problems keeping you from going forward in life. They want you to understand that if you keep sending positive ideas out into the universe, your present moment will always be joyous and filled with happiness and love!

Your guardian angels are reminding you that everything is going to be okay. You’re on the right path, so everything you want will happen at precisely the right time. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic pattern of angel numbers and what it represents for yourself and your relationships.

Meanings Of Angel Number 123

Angel Number 123 is a combination of angel number 1’s characteristics, angel number 2’s energy, and angel number 3’s elements. Number 1 signifies independence, fresh starts, moving forward, success and leadership. Angel number one also creates our reality by our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Number 2 is related to cooperation , peace, and kindness. In addition, angel number 2 also signifies balance and adapting to things easily in your life. It also represents encouragement. Number two is also about faith, fulfilling the meaning of your life, and completing your spiritual destiny.

123 angel number meaning

Angel number 3 contributes to communication, positivity, talent, personal skills, and spiritual growth. It also indicates how friendly or social you are with other people. Number 3 is a number of great energies. It is also the number of the Masters of heaven. This means that angelic numbers made up of 3 like 313 angel number are very powerful.

When you see the number often around you in your life, it means that these divine angels are asking to help you. They are telling you to find love and peace within yourself. Only that will be your true self. 

So together, these three powerful and high-energy numbers create a much higher vibration number, i.e., 123. Angel number 1 indicated new beginnings and the start of something new and positive in your life. Angel number reminds you to keep your balance in everything you do. And finally, angel number 3 signifies discovering your true inner self. 


The primary significance of angel number 123 is that the angels are asking you to move a step up. This number 123 has the energy that encourages you to move forward in your life. When you see the number 123 often, you must realize that you are on the right path.

The angels are here to remind you that you have been working on your self-growth for a long time. Therefore now you are all ready to take the next step! Your angels congratulate you on the past work you’ve successfully passed, and now you’re about to move towards the next level. 

Angel number 123 also asks you to make things easier and simple. Have faith in yourself and the guardian angels around you, and you can easily make decisions in your life. 

123 Angel number twin flame and love

The number 123 has a positive meaning behind it concerning twin flames and soulmates. As mentioned earlier, the number 123 represents taking a step up in your life. Therefore, the number 123 indicates that you might be moving to the next level in your relationship.

Angel number 22 represents uniting with your partner, so number 123 could mean that you are about to connect with someone special or your twin flame. Number 123 also signifies a reunion with your twin flame.

123 Angel number twin flame and love

In relationships, this number 123 also means that you need to simplify things. If your relationship is not worth your time and care, and if you are getting nothing out of it, you should decide to end it. Angel number 123 is telling you to move forward alone without your partner.

If your relationship with your twin flame is secure and supportive, you must continue it. You can also ask for a close one so they can help you with your decision. But always remember to have complete faith in your guardian angels. 

Spiritual meaning

What does angel number 123 mean spiritually? Angel number 123 signifies that divine energy is here to help you. Your guardian angels remind you that they’re always around you and never leave our side.

The spiritual significance of the number 123 is that we need to have faith in our inner self and what we can do. We should start taking ourselves more seriously. Leave all the last things behind and move on to the next step with better positive goals.

what does 123 mean spiritually

You will receive a lot of success and blessings in your life if you start having faith in the divine and guardian angels. 

Number 123 also guides us to stop wasting our time on the wrong people. Angels tell us to get rid of anything or person that makes us unhappy. Sequence 123 suggests moving upwards and taking a step forward. In the light of spirituality, the number 123 is an optimistic one!

Biblical meaning

According to the biblical references, the number 123 refers to the holy trinity: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Bible Psalm 123, it tells us to find divine power in our life. Moreover, it is written that may God have mercy upon us as we are all human beings filled with hate.

Angels tell you that you don’t have to worry about anything as you are on the right path. Your guardian angels will spiritually guide you. Most importantly, whenever you make hard decisions or choices in your life, the angels will guide you toward the path that connects you to divine power. Angel number 123 guides us towards the way of love and faith. 

Why do I keep seeing angel number 123?

Whenever you see angel number 123, the angels send you a message. They want you to understand the true purpose of your life. This you can only do if you find your inner self. They want you to move towards the next step with the help of your inner wisdom.

Do what your spiritual self says and believe in it. If you’re going to achieve the best of your dreams, find your true self first.

Why do I keep seeing 123

If the number 123 appears almost everywhere you go and whatever you do, you must not ignore the signs. Remove all the negative past out of your life. And put all your energy into the things you want to achieve.

Focus on more positive and meaningful elements of your life. Your angels are telling you to surround yourself with good and positive people so they can inspire you to be successful in life. Listen to what your guardian angels say and have faith in them. 

Angel Number number 123 in Doreen Virtue’s words

Doreen Virtue has written a lot on angel numbers. She tells us how our guardian angels are always there to help and guide us. She also talks about how angels reach out to us with the help of these divine angels. According to Doreen Virtue, angel number 123 is a powerful combination of the three high-energy numbers.

She says that if you split all these numbers in half, you can only understand the true meaning behind the number 123.

Every number out of these three has its specific importance, and in the same way, it impacts your life. You always accept what signals your angels are giving. Therefore, only if you’re grateful you’ll receive the divine blessings. 


seeing angel number 123

Angel numbers are all around you. Your guardian angels communicate with you through these divine numbers. Angel number 123 is such a number. It tells us to move a step forward, leaving all the negative energy behind. Move ahead with a more positive attitude and never stop believing in yourself. Hence, belief is the only way through which you can conquer the world.

Therefore, my final words are never to ignore any signs given to you by the angel numbers and have faith in the divine! I hope you found our review on angel number 123 helpful. Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about some of the other angel numbers.


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