Angel number 33 Meaning & Symbolism: Everything is Possible

If the visualization of angel number 33 overpowers you, it is a message that you are connected with your ascended masters who want you to ask for what you want. All your desires can become true if you wish so. 

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about why you keep seeing angel number 33, what it means for your personal and professional life, and what you should do when you see it. So, if 33 is your angel number or you often cross over with repetitive 3 33 333 sequences, this article is worth reading. 

What does it mean when I see the angel number 33?

33 angel number meaning

Whenever you see unique sequences like 3 33 333 3333, more often than, they are unique signs from your ascended masters and have specific meanings for you. If you especially encounter the angel number 33 everywhere, then this two-digit number can have multiple meanings depending on your thoughts and circumstances. We have discussed them one by one.

Anything is possible

The manifestation of angel number 33 in front of you indicates that you are underestimating your capabilities. You are on a miraculous journey where everything is possible. Ascended angels directly communicate with you, sending you blessings and support. You should be optimistic about yourself and your capabilities. You are no lesser than anybody in talents and capabilities. Have faith in yourself and work hard. You can even ace impossible things on this journey. 

Never underestimate the power within you because you may be the only person in the entire universe to solve a specific problem.”

-Gift Gugu Mona.

Open yourself to spontaneity

If angel number 33 is repeating itself in your thoughts or you are dreaming about it, it can indicate that spontaneous opportunities are coming your way. Ostensibly you might not be prepared to receive them, and it may allow you to reject them. So, be open to responding to spontaneous opportunities. One can not do everything pre-planned. Therefore, one has to respond to good opportunities promptly to fulfill one’s dreams. The number 33 says that procrastination is not an option for you because;

Life has no Ctrl+Z.”

Ascended angels support you

The number 3 is connected with ascended masters. The appearance of angel number 33 in your life shows that more than one ascended master has surrounded you, and they want to communicate with you through this sign. The number 33 is a message that you have developed a deep connection with the higher realm over the years. Angels have now come around you to encourage you to make a wish. It will be fulfilled.

What is the meaning of 33 in Numerology?

33 meanings in numerology

A deeper understanding of the angel number 33 depends on understanding its meaning in Numerology. The number 33 is a repdigit with two repeating 3’s. Hence, the numbers that compose it are; the number 3 and number 33. 

The number 3

In Numerology, the number 3 is a powerful sign representing optimism, creativity, wit, communication, charisma, expression, and curiosity. The traits of individuals having life path number 3 are

Positive Traits of Number 3Negative Traits of Number 3
AmbitiousScattered energies
Good leadersRestless
Good sense of humor
Number 3 Traits

The number 33

According to the laws of Numerology, the number 33 is analogous to the number 6. It marks creation and completion. The number 6 represents conscience and awareness and its applicability in practical affairs. These individuals are very kind, romantic, and pregnant with love. Their pursuit of perfection makes them difficult to please, however. 

What is the significance of the number 33?

significance of 3:3

The significance of any multi-digit number lies in its foundational number, which we obtain by individually adding each digit until we get a single-digit number.

In the case of 33, the foundational number is 3+3=6. The number 6 signifies the pursuit of worldly affiliations to an obsessive extent. So, if you see angel number 33 repetitively, it signifies that you need balance in your thoughts.

If you are worried about material possessions, then 33 is a sign of blessing for you. It indicates that your angels are around you, and they have cognizance of your worries. Your ascended masters want you to make supplications because now you are heard.

Is 33 an Angel number?

Is 33 an Angel number?

Do you see the number 33 everywhere around you? Are you pondering whether the number 33 means anything special to you, or is the number 33 an angel number? If you are witnessing the same situation, then remove all your doubts. The number 33 is an angel number and indicates the presence of your ascended master’s support with you. These signs are not coming your way without reason. You need to listen to the universe and align coming energies with your inner self to decode the exact meaning of seeing angel number 33. 

33 Symbolism

33 symbolism

Angel number 33 symbolizes that you need to take your stance in different matters of your life. You need to take skillful actions and show perseverance. The repeated appearance of the number 33 shows that your restlessness needs a fix in every matter of life. Balance and patience are a key to perseverance. 

Moreover, the number 33 shows that Holy souls guide you, and your ideas are divinely guided. Therefore, you should trust your intuition. Mediate and perform supplications as much as possible. It will help you to receive guidance from the higher realm for the clarity of your thoughts and ideas. 

What does angel number 33 mean for relationships?

33 angel number meaning in relationship

Seeing angel number 33 quite often holds significance for your relationship as well. As it carries the energy of the number 6, which symbolizes love and affection, 33 may indicate that you need to be more affectionate and loving toward your relationship. It can be your marriage, parents, or family suffering in your absence. This absence can be due to your worldly obsessions or engagements. You need to maintain a balance between your business and relationships. That’s the key to a happy relationship. 

Are you seeing the number 33 when thinking of someone and are curious to know its impact on your love life? Don’t worry. We are here to help you relate its meaning to you. Angel number 33 can have numerous meanings depending on your relationship status. You need to assess it according to your thoughts and life happenings. 

33 Angel number meaning in love

33 angel number meaning in love

Angel number 33 holds a special message for those in a love relationship. Your thoughts and actions are diverted to bringing the materialistic good into your and your partner’s life. In this whole process, your companion is suffering. Therefore, it is a sign that you might not lose the one for whom you are fighting this war. Try to balance your life and spend valuable time with your love partner. Because right now, more than physical benefits, it’s your attention, care, and love that your other half needs. 

Meaning of 33 for singles

Meaning of 33 for singles

If you are single, thinking of your love life, and suddenly angel number 33 pops up everywhere, it is good news for you. Your prayers are heard. Soon you will discover the ultimate love of your life. You need to keep your hopes high, make positive affirmations and socialize. Believing in yourself and good communication can help you attract the right person. So, keep striving! 

Meaning of 33 for break-up

Meaning of 33 for break-up

It is a message of hope for those suffering from their break-up and experiencing 33 in their routine life. It allows you to take new steps, Learn from past mistakes and live in the present to make it pleasant by spreading love in your surroundings. The energies of number 3 in 33 allow you to give yourself another chance and keep yourself open to new choices. This way, you can allow your soul to heal your past bruises. Your angels are taking away your fears and want you to love again, for you will never know until you don’t try it. 

What does angel number 33 mean for twin flames?

33 angel number love twin flame

The manifestation of angel number 33 holds a deep meaning for your twin flame. These tangled souls reveal themselves upon each other at the zenith of their spiritual journey. Although you and the twin flame share the purest and most genuine love for each other, sometimes we need to express that love too. As 33 is the number of expressions and communication, you must hold long conversations with your twin flame. So that you can explore each other, the more you spend time with each other, the more you will know your selves. 

Twin Flame Reunion

33 angel number twin flame reunion

If you are on your spiritual journey and have not yet reunited with your twin flame, then angel number 33 signifies that you will soon reunite with your twin flame. You must strengthen your connection with your ascended masters and follow the spiritual guidelines. Your twin flame is also striving to grow spiritually and yearning to meet you. You must also focus on your inner growth by connecting with your spiritual guides.  

Twin Flame Separation

33 angel number twin flame separation

Angel number 33 is a powerful spiritual sign if it is coming your way during your twin flame separation. Your angels have surrounded you and sent you the energies that this phase is also crucial for your spiritual journey.

As everything happens for good, you must understand that things that break your heart fix your vision. So, here the message is never to stop believing in yourself and your journey. Sadness and disappointment will retard you. It will refrain you from striving for your life’s divine purpose.

Moreover, it is also crucial for you to learn that your twin flame had served its purpose, and now it’s gone. Despite that, one thing cannot be neglected, as Victoria Erickson says;

“When connections are real, they simply never die.”

– Victoria Erickson.

Is angel number 33 related to health?

33 meanings for health

As the number 33 is a repdigit which contains two repeating 3’s. It is an intense message that you need balance in your life. Your thoughts are engrossed in worldly worries. The presence of 33 indicates that you need to remove this negativity and cleanse your thoughts. Your life will become more toxic if you do not listen to this message. This toxicity is negatively affecting your soul, mind, and body. So, to stay healthy, you should focus on aligning your mind, soul, and body.  

What does angel number 33 tell about pregnancy?

33 angel number meaning pregnancy

When two individuals enter a relationship, the third individual that comes into their life is their child, which completes them as a parent and makes a complete family. The number 33 comes with a magnifying power of 3 and carries vital signs that soon you will hear good news. If you are pregnant and see angel number 33 during your pregnancy, then it indicates paying more attention to your health for your baby’s better development and well-being. 

33 Spiritual Meanings

33 angel number spiritual meaning

Master number 33 signifies the presence of your ascended masters. It indicates that your masters are around you and want you to ask for what you want. All your prayers will be heard and fulfilled if you make a sincere wish. Moreover, 33 also indicates that you should make the right decisions because your life is going through several crucial stages. Please take an expert’s advice before deciding on essential matters in your life. Ralph C. Smedley writes about the significance of taking suggestions as; 

                  “Fault finding without suggestions for improvement is a waste of time.” 

-Ralph C. Smedley.

Moreover, we can also understand the spiritual meaning of the number 33 from different religions. Here we have provided its spiritual meaning according to Christianity, Islam, Hindi, and Chinese religious beliefs and practices. 

What is the Biblical meaning of 33?

33 meanings from Bible

The number 33 has some Biblical significance, and its meaning is related to a particular God’s promises. For instance, God’s promise to not drown the entire world again via a flood. The number 33 may be an omen of good news and great things. The 33rd person in Jesus’ lineage was Prophet David, who happened to be a great king. The number 33 is also used to represent “The shield of David” or “The star of David, “. It is a five-edged star displayed on the flag of Israel. Moreover, in Matthew 6:33, God exempts those who seek His pleasure from the worries of worldly matters; the verse says;

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

-Matthew 6:33.

What is the Hindi meaning of the angel number 33?

In Hindi, the number 3 33 333 3333 means that your life is going through a metamorphosis phase. you are seeing significant changes in your life. These changes serve your life purpose. If you are born on the 3rd of march, or you are repeatedly seeing 33 then your life is governed under the energies of this super master number. Because it is the sum of two master numbers; 11 and 22 (11+22=33).

So, if 33 is following you, it means that your angels are trying to talk to you about your goals because 33 individuals are super spiritual and regarded as master teachers. So, this mystic number repeatedly shows itself to convey the message that whatever you will ask from your angels they will respond to you ad guide you to live your purpose.

Meaning of 33 in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, three is the Master number, which shows birth. It is also used to present three different phases of life, i.e., birth, marriage, and death. The repetition of 3 twice makes the number 33 auspicious for those who repeatedly manifest it because it indicates possibility, courage, inspiration, discipline, honesty, and blessings. The numbers that come in the grouping of 3, like 3, 33, 333, and 3333, are even considered more auspicious. 

Angel number 33: Messages for Money and Career

33 angel number meaning money

According to Numerology, the number 3 is an omen of God’s favor and mercy which translates into great luck. However, in the way of harnessing the true goodness of your luck lie great difficulties that you can overcome through your wisdom, knowledge, and determination. 

Another good point of number 3 is that it allows you to gather money through socialization and building connections.

If you see angel number 33 while deciding about your career, then your angels guide you about your professional advancements and business opportunities. You can excel in the following sectors if you pursue them as your career;

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Banking
  • Design & Art

The Number 33 in Astrology

Meanings in astrology

Concerning Astrology, Angel Number 33 can be associated with the number 6, which is analogous to charm, love, and Karma. If angel number 33 is coming your way frequently, you can extract the following information about your Astrology.  

Sun signs

The number 33, or the number 6, is ruled by the planet Venus. The sun sign Taurus governs under the influence of Venus. It shows that the number 33 carries the attributes of the sun sign Taurus. Seeing angel number 33, due to its relation with the number 6, indicates compatibility with 3,4,5,8 and 9 and unfriendly relations with 1,2,6 and 7


Gemstones are lucky stones that one can wear to enhance the goodness of luck coming your way. The lucky stone for the people having life path number 6 is Emerald. It is equally applicable to the angel number 33. Wearing Emerald boosts personal and social skills. It also helps improve one’s health, especially when one suffers from skin disease or nervous disorder. 

Tarot Reading

In Astrology, Tarot card reading is another way of understanding the meaning of numbers in one’s life. The number 33 is associated with the Tarot Deck “The Lovers.” According to Arthur Edward Waite’s book, “Pictorial Key to the Tarot the Lovers deck is associated with “Attraction, love, beauty, and trials.”

Angel Number 33: Perspective of 5 Astrologers

Different Astrologers have different interpretations of the number 33. We have brought here the perspective of 5 Astrologers about the meaning of seeing the angel number 33.

1. Doreen Virtue

According to Doreen Virtue, seeing angel number 33 means having one of your ascended master’s support, and now they are answering your call. Keep praying. The universe is kind to you. You can see even the miraculous and impossible things happening for you just because you ask them from God. 

2. Sacred Scribes

According to Joanne’s Sacred Scribes, the number 33 is a master number that indicates expansion, either cognitive abilities or family or business. This number accompanies the energies of optimism, love, and knowledge. So if you are considering new projects or career shifts or any other new change, these changes are worthwhile and your fortune booster. 

3. Willow Soul

According to willow soul, 33 angel number can have different interpretations if you are repeatedly experiencing its appearance in your daily life. It indicates your ascended master’s support, need for a solid change, expression, and incorporating the cognitive abilities to bring this needed change in your life. 

4. Quornesha

According to Quorenesha, the number 3 holds powerful symbolism. There are three angles in a triangle which indicates the sharpness of focus. She says that angel number 33 comes with the magnifying energy of the 3 and requires you to be focused on your life. To achieve this focus, you should meditate so that your soul, mind, and body can perfectly align. 

5. Padre and Ryan Hart

Padre and Ryan Hart both have interpreted 33 as the number of completion. Those who constantly see the number 33 everywhere around them have a clear message from heaven that the time has arrived to take positive steps for your growth and a better future. You need to trust your intuitive abilities. Moreover, to keep yourself focused, you need to focus on your spiritual health through meditation or performing religious rituals. 

Conclusion: What should I do when I keep seeing angel number 33? 

In the end, a manifestation of angel number 33 in your imagination or real world is a sign of positivity sent upon you from the spiritual realm. Now it is upon your actions how you proceed with the divine good you are receiving.

 While in the process, you should trust your intuitive abilities. Moreover, 33 is the number of new possibilities, growth, and opportunities, so buckle down and keep harnessing the fruit that nature offers you now. 

This article was all about angel number 33. If you want to learn more about angel numbers, read our our other blog posts as well.  


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